What is Accu-Flex Professional Quality Beading Wire?

Accu-Flex is nylon-coated multistrand beading wire available in sterling silver, brass or stainless steel varieties. Made to the very highest standards of quality, Accu-Flex is true professional-grade wire. It's perfect for your most ambitious projects, yet costs no more than lesser quality wire. Available in 23 colors, four diameters, four strand counts, and three spool lengths, Accu-Flex combines versatility with value.
  • Top Rated in independent laboratory tests for:
    • Strength
    • Kink Resistance
    • Flexibility
  • Widest selection of colors available
  • Assortable pricing means even greater savings
  • Backed by our Ironclad Guarantee

Available Colors of Accu-Flex

Accu-Flex is available in the following colors and materials:

.925 Sterling Silver

100% Brass


24kt Gold-Plated

Blush Pink

Spring Green




Dijon Gold


Plum Purple

Stormy Blue

Crater Lake

Forest Green

Olive Green

Brick Red


Snow White


Metallic Copper

Metallic Bronze

Metallic Gunmetal

Accu-Cord Beading Wire

With a clear nylon exterior and colorful interior of twisted stainless steel, Accu-Cord™ beading wire color coordinates with
Dione large-hole beads. Available in eight colors.

Accu-Cord 2mm Beading Wire Accu-Cord 3mm Beading Wire Accu-Cord 4mm Beading Wire

Accu-Cord Glow-in-the-Dark Beading Wire

Exciting Accu-Cord™ Glow-in-the-Dark wire glows green in the dark after being exposed to light!
Accu-Cord Glow-in-the-Dark 0.5mm Beading Wire Accu-Cord Glow-in-the-Dark Beading Wire Accu-Cord Glow-in-the-Dark 1.9mm Beading Wire

Accu-Flex Twisted Texture Cable

Accu-Flex Paper Cord

Accu-Flex stainless steel wire offers a twisted look that adds texture to jewelry designs. Made of 7x7x7 non-nylon coated Accu-Flex, the strong wire holds heavyweight focals, beads and pendants.
Natural Accu-Flex paper cord is biodegradable with a cord strength up to 7.5 lbs. Cord can be dyed any color, crimped and knotted easily for a variety of beading techniques.
Accu-Flex Twisted Texture Cable for Large-Hole BeadsAccu-Flex Paper Cord

Accu-Flex Wire Size and Length

Size Example
*wire size enlarged for detail
Accu-Flex is available in the following sizes, lengths, and strand counts:

Accu-Flex Wire by Size & Strand Count

49 Strand

21 Strand

19 Strand

7 Strand

.012" Size
.014" Size
.019" Size
.024" Size
.012" Size
.014" Size
.024" Size .012" Size
.014" Size
.019" Size
.024" Size

Accu-Flex Wire by Length

30 ft. Spool 100 ft. Spool 1,000 ft. Spool

Accu-Flex Wire Quality

Accu-Flex is available in many different qualities. Accu-Flex .925 sterling silver wire is coated in a supple clear nylon to give your designs a touch of classic elegance. Accu-Flex solid brass wire provides a rich, "antiqued" appearance, and now comes in four weights. Our stainless steel wire is strong yet flexible professional grade wire that is made to last.

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Accu-Flex Platinum Professional Quality Beading Wire consists of 49 individual strands of stainless steel wire, bundled in seven strands of seven wires each. The wires are twisted together and coated with nylon. This allows the use of a soft, flexible wire while still maintaining excellent strength. The result: a supple wire with a beautiful, natural drape that's made to last.

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Accu-Flex Silver Professional Quality Beading Wire is made from three bundles of seven wire strands each. The wire strands are larger than those used in Accu-Flex Platinum. This results in a wire that's every bit as strong for a given diameter, but which is slightly stiffer. Very much a professional-grade wire, and a terrific value.

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Accu-Flex Heavyweight (.024" diameter) solid sterling silver wire is made from 19 strands of .925 sterling silver. Coated in the same durable nylon as the Lightweight and Mediumweight sizes, it is suitable for applications in which a stronger wire is called for.

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Accu-Flex sterling silver wire is crafted of seven .925 sterling silver strands coated in tough clear nylon. It's available in Lightweight (.014" diameter) and Mediumweight (.019" diameter) sizes in both 30' and 100' spools. Accu-Flex solid brass wire is made from seven strands coated in nylon, and is available in Ultra-Lightweight (.012"), Lightweight (.014"), Mediumweight (.04-19") and Heavyweight (.024") diameters.

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Accu-Flex may be purchased through the following dealers and better bead shops, including:
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Design Inspirations Made Using Accu-Flex Professional Quality Beading Wire
Triple-Strand Bracelet with Amethyst Gemstone Beads, Sterling Silver Beads and Cultured Freshwater Pearls
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Double-Strand Necklace with Lampworked Glass Focal, Seed Beads and Gold-Plated Brass Tube Beads
Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Grossularite Gemstone Beads, Prehnite Gemstone Beads and Swarovski Crystal
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